Where to Start?

Assessing your skills and experiences are the first steps toward finding rewarding employment. You Have Rights Too provides practical knowledge to help determine the type of work that may be right for you.

Moving Forward...
How to Proceed?

Use your head to determine where a potential employer would perceive risk from your criminal history and do not entertain the thought of working in that type of situation. There are jobs that will be available to ex-offenders and those that will not.

Keep your spirit strong by staying relevant, take part in church and community events and read the happenings in local newspapers as it is important to keeping a sense of belonging and to maintaining a positive mental attitude in dealing with rejection.

Fighting to Breakdown Barriers to Employment for Ex-Offenders

​The barriers that have become accepted practices have worked to prevent access to and realistic application for employment  for ex-offenders.  

The costs of providing the free services through this website far exceed our limited resources. A gift of money would help us.

There are lots of ways to reach us-- if your interested in our work or services we're interested in hearing from you.

Visit our job listing page to see current positions that may be right for you. 

​Learn how to craft a resume and cover letter that puts yourself in the best light to a prospective employer through the resources available on this website and the links to other important resources.

​​Who We Are

You Have Rights Too is fighting to break down the barriers to employment for ex-offenders who have been marginalized by the hiring practices of many mainstream employers by offering resources that aid in the effort to achieving fulfilling employment.

What We Do

Through a determined effort ​to highlight awareness of the practices that prevent and economically disadvantage a significant segment of workers together with providing free centralized resources to assist in obtaining a job and career path, we are helping returning citizens with documents such as resumes, cover and follow-up letters, instruction on customary email practices, online job searches and small business formation. We also provide relevant job listings and links to other resources that may be helpful to ex-offenders.

How We Do It

We are a nonprofit organization providing free online support for ex-offenders who are searching for meaningful employment to support a self sufficient and law abiding lifestyle for themselves and their families.