Mission and Methods

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You Have Rights Too is fighting to breakdown the barriers to employment for ex-offenders who have been marginalized by the hiring practices of mainstream employers by offering resources that aid in the effort to achieve fulfilling employment.

​We are an advocacy group working to create a platform of awareness and access to opportunities for ex-offenders that are negatively affected by the prejudicial hiring practices by many private employers, local, state and federal governments who post employment positions. There are thousands of ex-offenders and many more soon to be released from incarceration who are struggling to provide for the basic needs of housing, healthcare, sustenance and transportation for themselves and their families. The promise of a college education or career re-training and the opportunities that employment advancement offers are beyond reach when survival is the objective every day. The many hiring practices used to sift out people with a criminal record have worked to prevent access to and realistic application for employment and as a result ex-offenders have grown to an alarming segment of the ranks of the perennially unemployed and under employed which feeds the vicious cycle of recidivism.

​Through a determined effort to highlight awareness of the practices that prevent and economically disadvantage a significant segment of workers together with providing centralized resources to assist in obtaining a job and career path, we hope to promote employment access through documents such as resumes, cover and follow up letters, accepted and customary email practices, instruction on practical job and career search, business formation instructions to create an entity that could function for an owner operated type of business without the need for a significant investment in money and absent the barriers to entry that ex-offenders regularly face.


Fighting to Breakdown Barriers to Employment for Ex-Offenders

The Reentry Policy Council was established in 2001 to assist state government officials grappling with the increasing number of people leaving     prisons and jails to return to the communities they left behind. The Reentry Policy Council was formed with two specific goals in mind: to develop bipartisan policies and principles for elected officials and other policymakers to consider as they evaluate reentry issues in their jurisdictions and to facilitate coordination and information-sharing among organizations implementing reentry initiatives, researching trends, communicating about related issues, or funding projects.

     Ohio Reentry Coalition           Prisoner Reentry & Human Services Virginia            California Reentry Program          Reentry New York 

                  Florida Justice Institute On Reentry          Pennsylvania Reentry Services          Michigan Reentry          Illinois Reentry

     West Virginia Reentry Services            Texas Reentry Services, Inc.          Tennessee Offender Reentry          Oregon Reentry Services 

                     Please Contact Us To Obtain Reentry Links For Jurisdictions Not Listed Above

You Have Rights Too is a designated nonprofit tax exempt organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. 

Monetary support to sustain the maintenance and expansion of our efforts is  tax dedcutible. The cost to maintain our presence and services has exceeded funds that have been generated through donations and a contribution so that we can continue our work would be greatly appreciated and used respectfully.

Work With Us

We are always interested in hearing from smart, passionate people who care about the issues we tackle and share our commitment to doing everything possible to make things better for ex-offenders who have paid their price to society and are seeking employment and a productive, self-sufficient and law-abiding life.

Contact us to find out about  staff positions and internships that may be available.