Fighting to Breakdown Barriers to Employment for Ex-Offenders

Owning and Operating a Business is Within Reach

For Ex-Offenders, Owning and Operating A Business Can Be A Way To Achieve A Fulfilling Life And Meaningful Income 
There are businesses that require little initial investment of capital, however the ability to grow the enterprise into a meaningful concern over a fairly short time frame, with hard work and honest effort is within reach. The type of businesses we list do not require specialized knowledge or a trade license and are absent the barriers for entry that exist for most jobs. Additionally, these businesses are excellent candidates for local Internet search advertisement and promotion, the most cost effective way to initiate a campaign of awareness and to penetrate a local market.

Business Formation

 Forming a business is not a complicated undertaking, however there are steps that need to be taken so that problems do not follow the business in the future that can be avoided by proper formation.  First off, determining the type of business and how you perceive it will grow over time is important to selecting the structure of the business entity. A small business with one person who both owns and operates the enterprise may select a sole proprietor status. A business that will own equipment, lease space and hire additional employees or independent contractors to work for the entity may select a limited liability company status and then have the option of determining the best suited taxing structure for the business with the help of a tax professional. Lastly, a corporation, is the most recognizable business structure and offers benefits that a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company does not. The least expensive and easiest to administrate is the sole proprietor, progressing to the LLC and then a corporate entity. 
Using the Internet To Promote Business
The telephone book, just like the payphone, has all but disappeared. Consumers have turned to Internet search for their needs related to services and products, their locations and phone numbers. Increasingly, consumers who share their experience with a business, product or service in the form of an online review is the best endorsement for developing a presence and marketing plan on the Internet.

 Skills Require Training

You Have Rights Too does not hold any interest in the businesses or companies that are listed as suggestions or links in the PDF below. They are ideas intended to provoke thought toward opportunities.

Every skill or service requires training so that one can become excellent at a vocation or line of work. There is no short cut to becoming proficient at a skill, knowledge and practice are, as is the case any task or profession, the keys to long term success and a successful business.