Fighting to Breakdown Barriers to Employment for Ex-Offenders


Ex-offenders work harder to find employment than most other  classes of folks. They are reliable, quick learning and loyal. There is a cost free federal bonding program for employers and tax incentives to promote the hiring of people with a criminal background to stem the vicious cycle of recidivism.

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  • Promote a fair consideration for people that have a criminal background who are willing to work hard

About Our Company Lisitngs

You Have Rights Too is a national advocacy group and employment assistance service and endeavors to seek out job opportunities for ex-offenders. The below companies will hire individuals with criminal backgrounds and we encourage you to go to their website that is linked to the company listing.

Find out if a suitable position is available in your local area through contact us for jobs and positions from local employers. 

National Employers 

This is a list of companies that hire ex-offenders, click on the company link to see if a job is right for you

​​Ban the Box

Many national companies have eliminated the box on job applications where a candidate is required to disclose his or her criminal history. Companies that have banned the box are complying with state laws and municipal ordinances that discriminate against ex-offenders,  but it doesn't mean that a potential employer, whether it be a government of private position won't use a criminal background as a basis for rejection, it simply pushes the background check to a later point in the application process. But it's a foot in the door that didn't exist before the ban the box campaign .