Fighting to Breakdown Barriers to Employment for Ex-Offenders

Resumes and Cover Letters
Crafting a resume, a cover letter and proper follow-upcommunications, together with critical knowledge of email and employment website procedures is important to presenting yourself in the light most attractive to employers who will seriously consider your application and will use your time respectfully.

Crafting a resume with personal information, enumerated on a single page concisely and professionally that is designed specifically for the position that you are applying for is critical. 
Cover Letter
Cover letters are equal in importance to a resume as they are generally requested in the application process. Arguably cover letters are more important than a resume, as they are read first, creating the platform by which a first impression is made; there is no second chance at a first impression. In order to produce a compelling cover letter completing the skill assessment form is recommended.


Email Process , Employment Websites and Job Search

     Email Procedures

Email has emerged as a communication standard in the employment world. The speed, accountability and archiving functions support its dominance now and for years to come. There are basic universal functions of email that must be understood to become proficient at using this medium effectively and professionally. Additionally, skills in using email in conjunction with other software applications in the employment application process and drafting appropriate email communications are essential.

Employment Websites Employment websites are designed to help companies sift through job applicants quickly and effectively. An applicant with a criminal background is almost always excluded from consideration, despite stating in the application that it is not the basis for rejection. Criminal backgrounds are a stigma that will be carried for the rest of your life. The criminal court may expunge an offenders record, but in this day and age of information stored in search engine file servers the court’s records are the last place a prospective employer searches for information about a candidate for employment. Google, Yahoo and Bing as well as others, will store information for a very long time. Learn the best use of your time, don’t fight the system; it’s designed to keep you on the outside looking in. You Have Rights Too will equip you with practical information to use your time wisely and effectively. 

Job Search
There are companies and people who will hire you and others that won’t. The line between the two is generally a bright one. Fast food restaurant chains are receptive to ex-offenders, but hotels, healthcare facilities and hospitals with the same job description often are not. Understand which industries and companies will honestly consider an ex-offender and have a track record of hiring individuals with a criminal background and those, conversely, who communicate misinformation to appear fair and politically correct but have no intention of hiring an ex-offender.


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Employment Assistance Program

Cover Letter, Resume and Email Correspondences for Submission and Follow-Up
-Skill Assessment Questionnaire
-Upon receipt of the completed forms, You Have Rights Too will forward a personalized resume, cover letter and drafts of appropriate email communications pertaining to the position sought in the submission usually within 24 hours during week days.

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